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Gas Room Heaters

Much more budget-friendly option to heat your entire room instead of using electric

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Gas Room Heaters

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What are Gas Room Heaters?

Gas Room Heaters are ideally used for warmth within one indoor room. There are two main heating options to choose from; flued gas heating, which is a gas fixed heater, and unflued heating, a portable heater that allows you to control the heat via remote control and change its settings on the thermostat like the programmable timer.

It is important to find out how much of the space you would like heated and whether you would want the choice to maneuver the heater to other rooms. This will ultimately make your decision on which heater is best for you.

Unflued gas heating does not require installation in comparison to flued heaters.

To ensure you keep your energy usage low, choose a gas heating manufacturer that has a high star rating for its energy efficiency.

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Why select a Gas Room Heater?

The advantages of installing a Gas Room Heater in your home or business include:


Much more budget-friendly option to heat your entire room instead of using electric

Doesn’t Require A Technician

Not requiring any electrical connection to be completed by a technician


Most Gas Heaters are extremely energy efficient

Portable Options

Portable Gas Heaters allow you to move the heat to anywhere within your house


Being great value for money in terms of the installation/set up as well as your energy bills


Lowers emissions and using natural gas is even more efficient!

Power Outage - No Problem

Depend on your gas heater to maintain the heat within your space

Greater Heat Output

Gas Heaters will heat larger areas more quickly

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