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Ducted Air Conditioner

Control the heat or cooling of each room through the use of zoning

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Ducted Air Conditioner

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What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted Air Conditioning is ideally for people who desire cooling and heating throughout their whole residential or commercial property. A Ducted System is more budget efficient for cooling entire homes and its design also allows the unit to blend in within your space.

Ducted Air Conditioning includes an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor unit typically installed in the ceiling or under the roof. The air is circulated through the tubes of the ductwork system and leads to the vents or diffusers located in each room to cool or heat them individually. This process is referred to as zoning. Zoning allows you to choose your desired temperature for each particular room or to switch off the airflow to a space that is not being occupied. This air is recycled through a return air panel to remove any pollutants or dust in the air.

If you’re interested in heating or cooling your entire house instead of just one room, then Ducted Air Conditioning is key to maintaining your peak comfort level at all times.

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Why select a Ducted System?

The advantages of installing a Ducted Air Conditioning system in your home or business include:

Hidden Away

The system is unobtrusive, with only the central remote system and grilles visible

Room Flexibility

More flexibility to control the heat or cooling of each room through the use of zoning


Switch off the air conditioning in a particular room that isn’t occupied

Minimal Noise

Produces the least amount of noise in comparison to all other air conditioning options

Home Value Increases

Increases your properties sale value

beneficial for asthma

Air is recirculated and filters any airborne pollutants

comfortable All Year Round

Heating or cooling supplied throughout the property all year round

Upgradable Options

Allow the unit to be activated by a sensor when someone enters the room

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