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Air Conditioning Re-Gas

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Air Conditioning Re-Gas

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24Hour Air conditioning Re-Gassing

Sometimes re-gasing an air conditioning unit may be required if the unit is no longer cooling your residential or commercial space. You must choose a licensed expert to re-gas your air conditioning system as some will re-gas a system without finding the source of the leak. This is illegal. Our technicians will provide a thorough examination and testing to identify the source of the leak.

Once the leak is found and we have completed extensive testing, we will remove any moisture within the pipes, replace the compressor coil and ensure to safeguard the air conditioning system from any future gas leaks. The technician will then re-gas the system once it’s been deemed safe to its required level. Leaking refrigerants causes negative impacts on the environment, the health of people within and around the property as well as damage to the unit itself.

Negative Impacts Cause by leaking refrigerants


Environmental impact

Leaking refrigerants harms the environment as it contributes to global warming. Refrigerants affect the ozone layer, which is why natural gas systems are sometimes favoured over electrical units. If there are any warning signs, it is important to have your leak serviced as soon as possible.


Health hazard

Air conditioner gas leaks can cause nausea, headaches, and dizziness when inhaled and over time this inhalation can cause suffocation, disease, chronic bronchitis, and in some instances, death.


Damage to the unit

This damage to the unit occurs because of the pressure being put on the compressor which may result in a breakdown due to overheating. A technician may need to repair the whole unit instead of just the leak, which will be quite costly.


Why To Re-Gas

Some of the reasons why your air conditioning system may need to be re-gassed or need a leak repair include:

  • Faulty system
  • The coil has become corroded because of the lack of regular servicing and maintenance
  • Weather damage
  • Pest damage
  • Installed or serviced incorrectly by another technician
  • The unit no longer cools and heats efficiently
  • It switches off automatically
  • Unusual sounds or smells coming from the system
  • Error fault codes appearing on the system
  • Outdoor gas pipes freeze because the low refrigerant reduces the temperature
24hour Why To Re-Gas

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