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Ducted Gas Heaters

A more budget-friendly option than Ducted Air Conditioning Units

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Ducted Gas Heaters

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What is a Ducted Gas Heater?

Ducted Heating is not too dissimilar to Ducted Air Conditioning as they both have a central unit that generates air through a ductwork system and is expelled through vents or grilles located in each room of the home or business. Of course, Ducted Heating produces heat through these vents to provide warmth, throughout the entire home. Outdoor air is collected and heated through the heat exchanger tubes which use natural gas or liquid propane gas. There is 1 main controller located the main part of the house that control the temperature to your liking.

Ducted Gas Heating is the safest, cheapest, and most efficient option to heat your entire home. Natural gas is a cost-effective alternative to other heating options available. The star rating of your Gas Heater matters greatly as it measures the percentage of gas being used to convert heat. The higher the star rating, the more gas is converted to heat.

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Why select a Ducted Gas Heater?

The advantages of installing a Ducted Gas Heater in your home or business include:

Environmentally Friendly

Using natural gas is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option to control heat

Reduces costs of energy bill

It requires less energy consumption Even air distribution throughout the property

Hidden Away

Vents or grilles blend into the space without being too noticeable

Doesn’t Change Aesthetic

Can be installed within the ceiling and outside of the house without being an eyesore


It’s the most efficient way to heat the entire home with just a singular unit

Out Performs Other Systems

Maintains a high heat output regardless of the temperature outside

Updated Specs

Ability to control the heat and speed on a temperature command system

Completely Safe

The process of heating the air over the heat exchanger tubes is ignited using electricity

Easy Installations

Ducted Gas heaters can be installed with ease.

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