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Evaporative Cooling Systems

Can operate in spaces with doors and windows open because it evaporates outside air

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Evaporative Cooling Systems

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What are Evaporative Cooling Systems?

Evaporative Cooling Systems have an outdoor system that is installed on the roof of a property that collects hot and dry air. This outdoor air is then purified by wet filter pads. This is when the evaporation process occurs; when water evaporates, it goes through the transformation of turning from liquid to gas. The moisture from these wet filter pads is cooled down and transformed into cold air in the Evaporative Cooling System. This air is then distributed across the ductwork system throughout the property and released through the vents or grilles located in each room.

The evaporated air efficiently lowers the temperature of the air around you which is very beneficial for a dry environment. The air filter pads in the system also reduce allergens to assist with respiratory issues. Using other air conditioning systems can dry out the air in your home and uses recycled air which circulates air pollutants if not properly maintained. Evaporative cooling systems are beneficial because they provide the complete opposite; natural fresh air by the process of evaporation instead of drying with an air filtration system.

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Why select an Evaporative Cooling System?

The advantages of installing an Evaporative Cooling System in your home or business include:

Cheaper Alternative

Being energy efficient compared to other air conditioning options as it uses less power per hour

Less Complicated

Simple and fewer components are involved

Low Maintenance

They don’t require many repairs and the cost of these repairs are low

Natural Fresh Air

Keeps the air, wood furniture, and fabrics from drying out

Beneficial for allergies

filter the air effectively with their wet pads as part of the cooling process and collect dust

Can Leave doors/windows open

Can operate in spaces with doors and windows open because it evaporates outside air

Beneficial For the environment

Uses less electricity and doesn’t use any refrigerant which can be found in other systems

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