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Ventilation Systems

Have the ability to control the air quality, ventilation, and humidity levels

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Ventilation Systems

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What are Ventilation Systems?

A Ventilation System controls the airflow within each room within a residential or commercial building. The ventilation provides a constant supply of fresh air and exchanges this for stale air which is expelled outside. There are two options for ventilation; these are natural and mechanical.

Natural ventilation requires vents open to the outdoors and openings throughout the building for the air to enter. This natural airflow is beneficial for commercial buildings like warehouses and hospitals, however, it relies on weather conditions.

Mechanical ventilation circulates air from the air conditioning unit into different areas of the property to control airflow. A ductwork system is installed within the roof of the property and vent grates within each room, similar to that of other air conditioning systems. This system also regulates the temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels. Mechanical ventilation provides a constant supply of circulated air within an enclosed space, which is especially beneficial for larger commercial buildings.

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Why select a Ventilation System?

The advantages of installing a Mechanical Ventilation System in your home or business include:

Updated Specs

Have the ability to control the air quality, ventilation, and humidity levels

Maintain Fresh Breathing Air

Filtering out any allergens, dust & harmful fumes from the outside and within commercial properties

Consistent air supply

Consistent air supply throughout the property, especially for enclosed spaces

Control Airflow

The direction of the airflow can be controlled within each room

Regulates the temperature

Maintain the preferred level of temperature for long periods of time

reduces the risk of mould

as well as pests and insects from entering the building as it removes any indoor condensation


In comparison to some other heating or cooling systems

Reduces excessive moisture

Reduces excessive moisture in the air cause from cooking or appliances

Automatically cycles air

Provides fresh, clean air in enclosed spaces, important for buildings with high foot traffic

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