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Air Conditioning Service

Reduce the number of breakdowns and improve its life span

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Air Conditioning Service

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24Hour Air conditioning Servicing

Here at 24 Hour Climate Control, we understand the importance of maintenance and servicing of air conditioning units. Keeping our client’s units at optimum efficiency all year round is our ultimate goal. Without regular servicing and maintenance, your air conditioner will experience decreased efficiency and performance. Our team can provide you with a thorough assessment of your air conditioner to investigate if any issues may be present.

It is recommended that your air conditioning unit should be professionally serviced once a year to ensure optimum efficiency. Servicing your unit will also reduce the number of breakdowns and improve its life span.

If you’re unsure, here are some of the reasons why your air conditioning may need to be serviced:

  • There is a lack of heating or cooling
  • Limited airflow
  • The refrigerant is leaking from the unit
  • Strange noise or smell is coming from the unit
  • Noticeable changes in your energy bills

Some of the inspections and services that our team provides are:


Cooling Tower And Outdoor Unit Inspection

Air conditioning units at a residential property require the outdoor unit to be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and leaves from affecting its performance. In terms of commercial properties, a licensed expert should inspect the unit for any malfunctions.


Airflow Testing

Our technicians will test the airflow output and the unit’s heating and cooling capabilities to determine its overall performance.


Cleaning Unit Filters

The filtration system of an air conditioning unit can at times become dirty with dust, mould, and other airborne particles which can lower the quality of your air conditioner's performance because the amount of airflow through the fan coil has decreased. This causes an issue for asthma sufferers, as the filtration system no longer filters and produces clean air. 24 Hour Climate Control will ensure your system is performing correctly by cleaning the filter and removing the particles that have been trapped in the unit. Our team will professionally clean and sanitise the entire system as well as examine your unit for any more issues that might be affecting its operation.

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