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Brivis Gas Ducted Heating

Brivis has been the Australian market leader in both cooling and heating solutions for over 50 years. They provide innovative solutions for homes and businesses and are highly regarded due to their environmentally friendly, highly efficient products along with their performance guarantee to provide peace of mind when your Brivis system is installed.

Brivis’ range offers Evaporative Cooling, Ducted Air Conditioning (for both heating and cooling), and Ducted Gas Heating.

Evaporative cooling Melbourne

Brivis’ Evaporative Coolers provide a range of innovative features such as quiet operation, cooler filter pads, a water management system as well as a UV protective casing to withstand any climate. The Rinnai Touch Wifi App is also available so that you may control your cooler from anywhere. In comparison to Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning, Brivis Evaporative Coolers are up to 75% more efficient and are much more environmentally friendly due to their reduced production of greenhouse gas emissions.

Brivis Evaporative Cooler range includes:

  • Traditional Advance
  • Traditional AD Series
  • Slimline Promina
  • Slimline Contour

Some of the features and benefits of the Brivis evaporative cooler range include:

  • Modern Design
  • Operation Efficiency
  • Self-cleaning Water Pump
  • Thick Cooling Pads
  • Quick Cool Down
  • AquaSave Water Management System
  • Winter Seal (prevents heat from escaping during Winter)

Ducted Heating Melbourne

The Brivis Ducted Air Conditioning range heats and cools through an insulated flue, as the system filters and reduces humidity in the air. With an excellent energy efficiency rating, you can use zoning to air condition your entire home.

Some of the benefits and features of their Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner include:

  • Heating and Cooling Options
  • Wifi Control
  • Quick Temperature Control
  • Operates Quietly
  • Discreet and Slimline Design
  • Programmable Remote
  • More Energy Efficient
  • Zoning Option Available

Ducted Gas Heating Melbourne

Brivis innovatively produced the first 5-star Ducted Gas Heater, which paved the way for Australia’s newest and most efficient heating systems. The range of ducted heating products offered by Brivis includes; StarPro Series (4-6 star heaters), Buffalo Series, Compact Series, and Classic Series (3-star heaters)

Ducted Gas Heating & Cooling in Melbourne is extremely popular all year round with 24hr Climate Control always have plenty of stock and can assist you with any of the Brivis Ducted Heating product range,

Some of the benefits and features of this range include:

  • Efficient Energy Rating
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy Installation
  • Zoning
  • Wi-Fi and System Controls
  • Add-On ICE Refrigeration (for cooling feature)
  • Fast Warm-up
  • Reliable and Durable

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